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Mapping the Parliamentary Election Results

Two types of maps are presented below – each to visualize the election results in its own way. Gradient maps for vote share by district for the four main parties Winner, 2nd and 3rd places by electorate.
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Parliamentary Seat Allocation by Party- Summary

  Without the PR system with 5% cut off point, parties such as the JVP, ITAK, SLMC, CWC, PLOTE, and other parties would not have obtained on their own the numbers of legislative seats – even one or two at times — they did in...
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Media Release

The electoral process is an ideal and integral part of the democratic process, therefore elections can be considered as a benchmark of democracy. The citizens depend on free and fair exercise of the vote because fundamentally elections have a legitimate purpose and are important for...
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Is Rise in Postal Voting due to Ghosts? Appendices

by: ZL Mohamed This post compiles information on Background on Postal Voting in Sri Lanka Rise of Postal Votes by District (1982-2015) Tilt of Postal Votes by Districts in 2015 And is a companion to the article on postal voting. Postal Voting in Sri Lanka...
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Tracking the “MR Effect” through Social Media

By  Dr.Ranjiva Munasinghe, Managing Director – Argyle X and Ruwanthi de Silva, Social Media Analyst – Argyle X Elections in Sri Lanka are an exciting affair. One need only look at a condensed timeline of events from the last Presidential Election to confirm this –...
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Is Increase in Postal Votes driven by Ghosts?

Maps: Districts are shaded by the number of postal votes cast in the Presidential elections from 1982 to 2015. Suspicious Rise in Postal Votes The numbers of postal votes increased 10-fold between the Presidential Elections in 1982 and 2015 (to 1.1 million) while population only...
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