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Our work is a non-partisan and voluntary effort intended for the public good.

In this spirit, we welcome your contributions in the form of:-
Original articles or postings in keeping with the theme
– Comments to existing articles
– Technical support for developing web tools
– Translations between Sinhala, Tamil and English
– Volunteer to write on neglected topics

– Publicize this gateway

We are especially keen to have inputs from translators, programmers, video editors, and social media monitoring experts.

Write or Review: If you are skilled in writing for the general audience in Sinhala, Tamil or English, we do have assignments for you which can help us. If you are unable to type in these languages but are able to provide comments, you are welcome to do so before publishing.

Debug: Alert us to the errors that need fixing via email.

Comments: Comments to articles may be typed in English/Sinhala/ Tamil or paste with a unicode font in the comment box after each article. The comments will be moderated if offensive or irrelevant content is included. Email addresses are required but shall not be displayed for public viewing.

Contribute: Articles with Data Analysis, Data Visualization or innovative use of tools are welcome in any of the national languages. These shall be attributed to you. They need not be original – we shall be happy to cross post with links to original source. However, on request, you should provide details to backup your analysis. Contributions can be sent to slelecta@gmail.com

Translate: To make it accessible to all, please volunteer to translate between the national languages.

– Web programming
– Geographic Information Systems
– Data visualization programming
– Graphic designing
– WordPress

If you have skills in the above field/s and able to volunteer your time it shall help us greatly. In addition, if you have the aptitude but not the experience, but are willing to learn and sweat, we do have experts who can provide guidance.

Social Media Promotion and Monitoring: Assistance with dissemination and monitoring is welcome.

Video Editors: You are welcome to produce brief video introductions to these topics. We shall be happy to work with you.

Publicize: Please publicize the resources here to your contacts. Apart from the website, we have a presence on facebook, twitter and a mailing list Twitter- https://twitter.com/slelect, Mailchimp- Slelection
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sri-Lanka-Election-Analytics/999618176738357?ref=hl

Mailing List subscriber link- http://eepurl.com/buGd_v
It shall be helpful if you can circulate information about this, by writing to newspapers, other websites, and post to blogs or email to your contacts. You can send us lists of emails as well.

Data Science: We shall welcome any contributions and ideas from you.

Contact us at – slelecta@gmail.com


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