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Citizens need information to choose wisely at elections.  They also depend on the free and fair exercise of the vote.  As the Commissioner of Elections noted in July – it is the responsibility of all groups and citizens to ensure the integrity of elections. The Department of Elections announced that it shall not undertake statistical analysis:
“The Department does not analyse the statistics relating to the results of any election nor does it compare the results of an election with regard to any political party, independent group or candidate. The department merely publishes the results of an election.”

Data analysis could help identify large scale fraud in elections. In other instances, analysis can help focus monitoring and arrest of fraud. Shortcomings in voter registration may also be brought out.
At present, analytical information on the election process and history is sparse and scattered. A better job can be done with all the election and related data. The tools of data science and communication technology have become accessible. So this need, the availability of tools and volunteers presents an opportunity to meet this shortcoming.

There are several established election oriented organizations that are focus on monitoring Members of Parliament, monitoring election violence, and monitoring of polls. But we feel, there remains a need for analysis of the elections data in the public interest. The insights from data analysis can contribute to the work of election monitors.

The analytical work is presented and curated by experts and presented via blog/website, a facebook and twitter accounts and through an email subscription program. We invite you to subscribe.

All of this work is of particular importance for marginal and vulnerable citizens.    This could include expatriates and refugees. We strive to make the information accessible in all the national languages.
This work is undertaken by a multi-disciplinary collective.  Our volunteers and advisors are experts in data management, statistical analysis, spatial and time series analysis, geographic visualization and IT based delivery mechanisms. We shall remain non-partisan, honest and rigorous in undertaking our analysis; and hope that similarly minded folks shall join us in this enterprise. We have started this work with an immediate focus on the current elections. Our work is supported by a cast of Sri Lankan data science experts (see the “Advisors” tab at www.SLElect.net ).  We are inviting contributions from like-minded folks (see Contribute tab at www.SLElect.net  for a list of ways in which you can contribute and participate)

We also see this as an opportunity for learning and teaching data science and hope that it shall catalyze its application in other areas of civic life. While the current elections shall focus our attention in August, we shall sustain the work afterwards on a lower key.

ZL Mohamed –Curator SLElecta@gmail.com


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ZL Mohamed

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